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“I spoke at length with Sam. She helped me in choosing the scuba things I needed & added some info that I did not know that helped in getting some more things to pack my new Mares x-stream fins & mask & snorkel in. How cool to have real divers to speak with. Props to her for being such a good person to have on your staff to help us in our search for “the place” to go to for scuba gear. I will recommend your site to all my friends!”



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“When my husband and I decided to go on vacation my husband told me that he wanted to take a SCUBA class. I was not sure how I would like it but I signed up for the class anyway. Reading the book was easy and doing the class work was fun and interactive. During the first confined pool dive my husband did great. I did not. Breathing underwater was very foreign to me and it felt very unnatural. When we started the first exercise I started to panic. I stood up and took off my mask. I was in tears. Todd came over to me and asked if I was ok. I told him that I did not want to continue. He told me that he would love for me to stay. He asked me if I would be willing to sit on the bottom of the pool with him and just relax. I told him yes. He made funny faces and made me feel comfortable. I stayed and finished the first confined dive. I still was unsure when we went the next week for the second confined dive. When we entered the water Todd and his crew asked if I was ok. I told them I was fine. They worked very hard to make sure that I was comfortable and that I trusted them. You spend all of your life being told that you cannot breathe underwater so when you take the first breaths it may feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Having a group of people that you trust around you is very important. I would dive with Todd and his team anywhere any time! They are the best!”



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“The team at Coral Sear scuba have always been understanding of my many questions
regarding scuba diving and, I feel, they taught me well. I will not go to another dive shop
for further scuba education as the quality here is simply unbeatable. I look forward to
my advanced classes and eventually becoming an instructor. The Coral Sea scuba
team is passionate about their work and always strive to have fun with it! To anyone
who has even a remote interest in scuba diving: visit Todd. You’ll be glad you did!
Todd also has competitive prices, great support, and a load of experience he’ll willingly share
with you if you ask! Dive on in!”

-Casey B. Cessnun

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“Todd Bingham and Coral Sea Scuba have generously shared their love for scuba with me any many others. Todd brings a great deal of enthusiasm, and encouragement to the sport and makes it a lot of fun.”

- Guy Fryer

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“Dear interested divers:

“A year ago, Kathy and I went to Cozumel, Mexico for a two week vacation. During that time we did 3 “resort” dives and became hooked!! When we got back to Grants Pass, we looked into becoming certified and Todd’s name came up repeatedly from many people. We met with Todd and signed up. He knew from the beginning that we would do all of the coursework and pool work with him but we were going to go to Hawaii for the open water dives. We were so impressed with Todd that we begged him to come with us to Maui for a week to certify us! He finally agreed to come after much kicking and crying and we were so grateful to him to for finishing us out. We had four outstanding dives, two at the Old Airport beach and two at Black Rock. Todd is an outstanding instructor who we would recommend to everyone. Through Todd, we have become safe, confident divers.”

- Tom and Kathy Hewkin

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“If anyone is considering getting scuba certified, Coral Sea Scuba is the place to do it. We first bought a certificate as a Fathers Day gift for my husband, David. The class was fun and conveniently scheduled. He has not been dry since and I think he is growing gills. Then we decided that I should join him in all his fun. I am not comfortable in the water and I will admit that it scares me. Todd and his crew are amazing, patient and encouraging- They will help you every step of the way. Todd plans several local dives, get togethers and trips every year and once you are a part of this loosely woven group you feel like part of the family. I personally look forward to his text message invites to ‘scuba, scuba, scuba’ .We highly recommend Todd and Coral Sea Scuba for training, activities and purchases.”

- David and Janine Law

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“Needa Pete says if you needa the best see Todd at Coral Sea Scuba and forget all the rest. I chose Coral Sea based on the recommendation of others and now pass that along to anyone wanting to take the plunge. Quality instruction and gear, with a team of individuals behind him who are willing to assist as needed to insure quality dive experiences. ”

“Oh did I mention the lowest cost open water certification anywhere. Just show up and ALL that you need will be there for you. No hidden cost or gear purchases required. Although remember to buy gear from Todd when you do and the good deals will come to you.”

“Come join our growing crowd. The time has come to jump in and get wet!”

- “Needa” Pete Haugen
Grants Pass, Oregon

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“I wanted to take this opportunity to write about my experiences with Coral Sea Scuba and Watersports. Todd’s passion for diving makes him the best instructor I have known. His friendly staff, abundance of quality products, and outstanding customer support, has enabled me to continue my diving skills and knowledge. Todd’s patience and understanding, and his high energy make learning fun. Through travel, trips, and meeting people I have been able to achieve my lifelong goals and dreams to be part of the underwater world. My heartfelt Thanks go out to my friend Todd at Coral Sea Scuba and Watersports. Bubbles up and great diving!”

- Dawn J.

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“I learned to dive with Todd through Coral Sea Scuba. The open water certification class was fun but still structured to learn all that was needed not only to pass but to feel comfortable. During our open water dives there were enough advanced divers to keep an eye on each newbie. I have also been impressed as I take more advanced classes with Todd’s patience and his ability to recognize someone who may need a little help. I would have no reservations recommending Coral Sea Scuba either to learn scuba or to take advanced classes.”

- Lillis Sieck

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“While one might question how a dive shop can not only survive but flourish in Grants Pass used to be a mystery to me. However, after meeting the shop’s owner Todd Bingham and now having done my training and gone on a trip to Cozumel with him it all becomes clear. Coral Sea is a snazzy name, but Todd is who makes this place buzz and makes me want to remain an avid diver for the rest of my life. Not only did my wife and I have the time of our life in Cozumel, but Todd took care of everything and after the first day we knew he had it all covered and didn’t need to worry about the details; he already had. Not only that, Todd is a pretty fun guy if you can drag him out into the nightlife. There’s no question where I go for my Scuba needs, Coral Sea Scuba.”

- Nathan

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